Moskowitz Foundation: Blind Childrens Center

The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation takes great pride in helping those in need especially children. With great respect Dr. Irving and Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz through their foundation have made a $500 donation to the Blind Childrens Center.

The Moskowitz Foundation was established in 1968 by Dr. Moskowitz to help people in need regardless of race, creed, politics or religion. The Foundation is a charitable, non-profit foundation dedicated to improving and enriching the lives of others. Dr. Irving’s wife Cherna has said that she is, “very proud to be the president of a charitable public foundation which has touched and improved the lives of so many people in need.”

The Blind Childrens Center was founded is 1938 to serve children who are blind or visually impaired. The Center serves more than 100 children and their families each year. Most the children who attend the Center live in the greater Los Angeles area and are from families in low income economic circumstances and this is why donations to the Center are crucial. Both the Center and home based services are free of charge to the clients. The Blind Childrens Center is funded entirely by private philanthropic support. No financial support is given from federal, state, or local government agency. The Center’s goal is to provide a comprehensive program of specialized education and training which will optimize the blind or visually impaired child’s development and consequent opportunities to lead a meaningful and productive life. Dr. Moskowitz has dedicated his life to his family and to his philanthropic calling of supporting life-enhancing activities.

The Mission Statement of The Blind Childrens Center is to provide comprehensive early intervention, specialized education and training, in a fully inclusive family oriented environment. They strive to optimize each child’s development and consequent opportunities to lead an independent and productive life. Additionally, to utilize the Center’s professional expertise and experience to serve families and professionals worldwide through support services, educational and training publications and research support.

The Irving Moskowitz Foundation knows that their contribution of will be used to help pay for the supplies need to further the programs provided to the children at the Center. In addition to supplies the donation will go to fund the many programs this great organization provides.

Families are served through both home-based and center-based programs. Some of the program and service the Blind Childrens Center provide are: acquiring skills and building independence, infant services, early intervention and the skill parents need in order to help their child reach developmental goals. Additionally, they offer an educational preschool, first and second grade, therapeutic after school programs and other specialized needs. Some of the therapeutic services include orientation and mobility training, literacy preparedness, Braille training, speech and language, and occupational therapy. The Center also provides community outreach programs. All of these programs would not be possible without donations.

Mrs. Moskowitz understands the importance of giving children the proper tools needed to grow and learn. The mother of eight children, grandmother to forty-two grandchildren and great grandmother and four great-grandchildren, Cherna Moskowitz is always looking to help children and enrich their lives.

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