Navy Seal Foundation Thank You Letter

Irving I Moskowitz Foundation 21900 NorwalkBlvd
Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716-1640

Dear Irving I Moskowitz Foundation:



On behalf of the Navy SEAL Foundation, thank you for your donation of $2,500.00. Your generosity sends a clear message of unwavering support tothe Navy SEAL community. On any given day, throughout the world, SEALs and all members of our Naval Special Warfare community put their lives on the line to help keep Americans safe. As any SEAL will tell you, “The only easy day was yesterday.”

Your gift goes along way toward helping the Foundation support their families here on the home front by:

  • Providing tragedy assistance for those who have lost a loved one in training or combat
  • Supporting family events to boost morale and encourage camaraderie
  • Awarding scholarships and providing educational assistance to active duty personnel, their spouses andĀ children
  • Preserving the rich history and heritage of the Naval Special Warfare communityWe continue to develop programs sothat when the men leave on deployment, they and their families know they will have the best available support here at home.Again, thank you for your generosity! It is greatly appreciated. With kind regards,James A. Smith Executive Director Navy SEAL FoundationT ax ReceiptGift Date: 12/27/2011 DonationCampaign (if specified): General Payment Type: Check
    Check Number: 002023
    Amount: $2,500.00For federal income tax purposes, the Navy SEAL Foundation confirms it provided no goods or services in exchangeforyourcontribution. The Navy SEAL Foundation’s TaxID#is31-1728910.
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